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We know that copywriting can be confusing.  We don't want you to miss out on valuable tools that can take your business to new heights.  

You have questions. We have answers.

We are in the business of bringing abstract ideas into laser sharp focus.  Below is a list of frequently asked questions relating to copywriting; we hope our answers will clear things up for you.  If we've missed one of your questions, contact us.  We love to help!

What is copywriting?

Believe it or not, you see copywriting everywhere.  Copy is any written advertisement intended to elicit an action from the reader.  You likely remember seeing a common call to action like joining an email list or making a purchase.  In short, well-written copy compels a target audience to take a specific action.

What is the difference between marketing, copywriting and content writing?

Marketing is work that increases your sales.  This would include graphic design, commercials, ad campaigns, endorsements, and many other tools outside of copywriting.  Copywriting is under the umbrella of marketing but is always words. And well-written copy is still king of marketing.  Nothing matters more than what you say and how you say it.  In its simplest definition, copywriting is words designed to get you sales or some other action step.  Content writing differs in its purpose.  Unlike copywriting, content writing has the goal of informing or teaching its reader.  It can be very effective to join content writing with copywriting in longer pieces like landing pages, email sequences, and websites.

What can I expect in a discovery call?

When you provide us with your company name, website, and industry, we love to do a little research prior to the call.  Either way, your discovery call will begin with you sharing your vision.  We want to hear your words and heart.  As you talk, your copywriter generates ideas and asks questions to help you elaborate.  Before the call ends you will hear some of our ideas, but the clear plan will be delivered through a proposal of services. 

How can you get the information you need in just 15 minutes?

We can cover a lot in 15 minutes.  It is important to remember that the Discovery Call is just the beginning.  We allow time in our scheduling for an extension to the 15 minutes if needed.  We also transcribe the Discovery Calls to allow us to refer back during the proposal writing phase.  Lastly, we may schedule follow-up meetings during the writing process to ensure we have everything needed to meet your goals.

What is the turn around time for my project?

Delivery times vary depending on the scope of the project.  We know you are busy and excited to see results, so Reify is committed to timely returns.  We send proposals within 5-7 business days of your consultation which includes general timelines for each recommended service.  Before you make your deposit and Reify begins your project, a clear date of delivery will be communicated.  Reify encourages clients to ask about express turnaround rates when needed.  We will do what we can to help you meet your deadlines.

What is a funnel and why is it an effective marketing tool?

A marketing funnel is a strategic plan that links several copywriting services together to achieve your desired outcome.   A very effective funnel example begins with ads to build an email list.  Every potential client on the email list receives the email sequence designed to build authority.  Each email provides a clear invitation to visit the landing page where a sale is made.  

Why are email lists and email sequences so important?

Many small businesses overlook this amazing tool.  It is important to build an email list for one main reason— so you can continue to connect with your future clients.  You get their email and then you can cultivate your relationship.  Keep revealing more and more of who you are and how you can make their life better through email sequences.  Reify can help you with this process.

How much should I spend on a copywriter?

The cost will depend on your goals.  But, there are copywriting solutions in several price ranges.  For just a few hundred dollars, you can purchase ads or emails that you can reuse to generate revenue for years to come.

How do I know if hiring a copywriter will be worth the money?

While we can not guarantee exact numbers in copywriting, we can start small and track results.  If you are unsure, be honest with your copywriter during your consultation and we will keep that in mind when designing your proposal.  We could try one small step and go from there.  Reify loves helping you discover solutions and we understand it can be a process.

Can you just use my writing?

Yes, and no.  We love it when you share writing and ideas with us, but we ask that you trust our process to take it all in and produce what works best for your goals.  There are many behind-the-scenes aspects that impact results and we can best control those when we are drafting the copy.   However, we will always use your resources in one way or another.  It just may not end up in the final copy word for word as you sent it to us.   

What if I’m a very small business and might need help beyond just the writing?

Reify is a team of copywriters and we do offer support services related to the copy we create.  We will be honest with you about what we can do and offer referrals for services outside of our skill set.  We have helped set up websites through Wix and Squarespace.  We can also offer graphics to accompany social media ads.

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